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Herban Austin

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15 Minute Phone Consult
Let's Chat!
During this free initial phone consult, you can see if Dr. Nicole is a good fit for you.
We won't get in too deep here, rather this is an opportunity for you to ask questions and share what you'd like to accomplish on your health journey!
Remote Consultation - $85
The upside of technology!
During remote sessions, Dr. Nicole will guide you through a series of acupressure points, helping you to activate your body's healing abilities -utilizing farm-fresh botanical oil massage and moxa (both will be provided with the first session), as well as qi gong exercises. An herbal & nutritional protocol will be provided to further your healing journey.

The initial treatment kit may take 7-10 to arrive via USPS.
Please let me know if ZOOM is not an option for you and we can explore other platforms.
Initial Treatment - $150
Let's get started!
Your initial appointment will be 1.5 hours. This is where we go deeper into your health history, establish a baseline for care through a full physical assessment, and explore your health hopes & goals.

During this session, bodywork (acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, & tuina) will be implemented, as well as herbal & nutritional recommendations.
Your first appointment includes a personalized herbal tea from our farm which will be delivered following our session together.
Current Patient Treatment - $100
Now we're cookin'!
We have a clear path toward your health goal(s) and we're working toward success.

During these sessions, bodywork (acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, & tuina) will be implemented, as well as herbal & nutritional recommendations & coaching.
Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture - $120
Mei Zen means “beautiful person”.
Forget Botox! This series provides a natural facelift by stimulating the production of collagen through a precise series of acupuncture points and facial massage techniques -holistically restoring, rejuvenating, relaxing and reducing signs of aging.

Recommended as a series of 12 treatments,
This treatment is also effective in reducing scarring from acne and/or injury,
as well as lifting facial paralysis from stroke and Bell's Palsy.

Jade Roller included with a recommended series of 12 treatments.
Directions Earth Commons -813 Springdale Rd, Austin, TX 78702